A short while ago I rec'd. a call from Rep. Candice Miller (R), Michigan. At first I was puzzled as to why they would call me, as I am as Blue as Blue can be. Then I realized that my husband is still a registered Republican, and as we live in the Thumb area most people in this area are her bread and butter. I stayed on the line to see what was what. You were given the option to push zero if you wanted to ask Ms. Miller a question. Whoa! Too good to be true! So, of course I pushed zero. After listening to her expound on several Republican meme's, i e. Energy production from US sources, Budget concerns, etc......., one of her staffers came on the line.

If he gave me his name I have forgotten it. I will say that he was very good. Talked right over me whenever possible, but did allow me some voice. Told him that I had a two part question. 1) Why has profit become more important than the people?, and 2) How is it that Party and/or Party Philosophy has trumped the good of the country? Needless to say we had an extended, very polite, conversation. Apparently Ms. Miller has some seriously experienced staffers as I discovered that he had been in Washington when Tip O'Neal was still in office.

Our conversation covered a wide variety of subjects, including the obstructionism of the Republicans, which in the end we agreed to disagree about. I am guessing that I will be removed from the calling list, but at least I tried. Bottom line: They would not let me ask her my question. I guess only some constituents are worth listening to.

This is my first diary folks so please be gentle!!!!!!

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