Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)
Rep. Steve King (R-sociopath)
With the news that Iowa Republicans have essentially cleared the field against prospective Senate candidate and current House crazimentarian Rep. Steve King, it looks like the nomination is his if he wants it. And indications are that he wants it. The good news for Democrats and other lovers of basic intellectual competence is that King would start off trailing the likely Democratic candidate by a healthy margin. The good news for connoisseurs of true political idiocy is that when it comes to being a very public idiot and all-around louse, Steve King never fails to bring his "A" game.

In honor of Steve King's elevation to presumptive Senate nominee, and as a way to welcome him into that race, let's revisit a very, very small slice of King's choicest moments in the House. As always, I will note that some of these probably constitute clinical evidence of sociopathy, but I'll leave that to Bill Frist and cable television personalities to decide.

Another bit of good news is that Karl Rove's group has tagged Steve King as one of the Republicans that are not crazy enough to stop supporting, so we can expect them to spend a small fortune propping this guy up as a poster child of legitimate Republicanism. And good luck with that.

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