Who Is Going to End the McCain-Graham Circus?

That's not the subject of a diary originating here on dailykos, but, rather, it's the subject of a diary originating on...redstate. Here's a link to the article:


This article not only lambasts Senators McCain and Graham for first filibustering and then retreating from that filibuster over the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, but is just as interesting for comments by readers. There appears to be a lot of enthusiasm for someone to primary Graham in his campaign for reelection. One poster went so far as to say that they would be willing to support even a Democrat since they consider Graham to be “worse than a Democrat.”

Those are fighting words.

So...if it makes you feel any better, we progressives aren't the only ones seeing through McCain and Graham's little temper tantrum over the Hagel nomination, where they insisted he was unqualified, only to be followed by them...dropping their opposition to the person they consider to be unqualified to run the entire Department of Defense.

Hopefully, this is further evidence of...Republicans in decline. They really do need to change their tagline, though, from Grand Old Party to...Grand Old Psychotics. Because...they are looking more and more psychotic every day. The national Republican meltdown...seems to continue...(lets throw them some anchors).

And, so much for Graham's pathetic attempts to try to burnish his conservative credentials to prevent a primary challenge. His painfully transparent attempts to patronize conservative critics...do not appear to be working.

Some excerpts from the redstate article:

The article starts out asking the question:

“How often do you find Democrats scoring points for the opposing team on a daily basis? Never. Yet that is what Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the defacto leaders of the GOP Senate, accomplish every day.”

They also say that Graham and McCain “use their bully pulpit to muddle the GOP message...”

And, of course, they consider McCain and Graham's attempts to work with the administration on immigration reform to be nothing less than “treachery.”

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