The Twisted Faces of Sequestration horrifies a confused nation:
Unwittingly and unwillingly, Americans are now participating in the most bizarre and grotesque of reality shows; The Two Faced Legislator. A monstrosity so hideous one would be wise to beware the direct stare. Trapped on one head, two disfigured faces (Barack and his Boehner) will and without warning, spew lies at anyone still stupid enough to listen.

At dawn, when "We the People" look ourselves in the mirror, most are reasonably sure whose looking back. But, the star of this mother of all county fair oddities sees different versions of itself with every glance. Two faces with four distinct personalities, all lying to "We the People", the nation's creditors, the rating agencies, the world at large and worst of all, themselves.

Quickly approaching the most frantic phase of "Operation Sequestration" it is critical to unleash the full force of "The Two Faced Legislator's" deception blur. A power so freakishly confusing, even the most politically astute would be left discombobulated.

One says the sky is falling, the other say save me a chunk. One say our soldiers are running low on ammo, the other says, slingshot are on sale at Walmart. One says the little children will starve to death, the other says we need to thin out the heard. One says if an American's home is on fire nobody will respond, the other says homes underwater can't burn. One says dangerous criminals could be released from custody, the other says the most dangerous criminals are safely working in Wall Street boardrooms.

Although dazed and dizzied from the pendulum of blame, blinded and battered from a blizzard of Bull Shit, a scam of this scale could not be smoothly accomplished without rolling out the man behind the money. By all accounts, with 750 thousand jobs on the chopping block and the nation's "problem solvers" languishing hopelessly and clueless, the financial markets should be showing signs of severe stress.

According to the International Labor Organization, unemployment is on the rise as the economic outlook worsens. With Europe, America's primary trading partner currently losing its battle ushering in austerity measures, the markets are inexplicably teetering on record gains. How is this possible?

Enter Mr. Fed-Speak, Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke. His role, the most crucial  of all was a relative snap. All it took was a few timely words of fiscal gibberish to artificially prop up the financial markets and the dirty deed had the temporary cover it needed. Since only the obsenely wealthy can interpret the mixed signals, they're now well on their way to an economic fait accompli.  

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