Short and sweet

The Washington Supreme Court has struck down a requirement for a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature to pass a tax increase.

The high court ruled Thursday that an initiative requiring a two-thirds vote was in conflict with the state Constitution and that lawmakers and the people of Washington would need to pass a constitutional amendment to change from a simple majority to a supermajority.

For twenty years the wingnuts have tried to hobble the ability of the government to function in Washington state. Led by the Moran in Chief Tim Eyman they have passed initiative after initiative gutting the public coffers and lowering taxes while passing the pain on to the poor and working class. Sure, they saved you $100 on your car tabs and the guy with the Ferrari saved $10,000 and laughed when you pay the toll on 520.

The best part of this ruling is it makes future initiatives impossible since they will be unconstitutional.

Some days the good guys win. This was one of them.

Originally posted to ontheleftcoast on Thu Feb 28, 2013 at 09:31 AM PST.

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