I'm a tid for tat person.  If you do to one then you do to the other.  Since the House is so hell bent on sequestration then let it begin with them.  

They only work a 2-3 day week so they should be paid minimum wage with no health benefits and no pension.  And maybe we should set their pay on the merit system starting with if you do your job then we will pay you what you deserve.  To be determined by the projected  or already proven way that it would help the middle class and the poor.  There is lots of information on record that shows what works and what doesn't.  

You were sent to Washington to do your jobs not get caught up in some insane pissing contest over turf wars or some other crazy thing.  Since the recession/depression started in 2008 Congress had done nothing to help anyone.  With that in mind then the members that have been their since 2008 owe us 4 years of back pay.  I have really had enough of this childish bull and would like to seen the House especially swept clean in recall elections or in the next election cycle, if we still have a country that functions.  Until then it us up to us to keep the pressure on and try to get them to do their jobs.  

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