I would post the original song by Kool and the Gang, but we can only afford the cheap instrumental knockoff version.

Here's our new National Weather Service.

This is our new (and only) border patrol agent on the US/Canada border. His name is Fred. Be nice to him.
Our new air traffic controllers will be stellar at their job.
Grumpy Cat is now out of a job and has to take on temp work...
Times are so hard for bloggers that front pagers on DailyKos are stealing diaries almost verbatim and reposting them on the front page without crediting the person who beat them to it by like a week. Tough times indeed.

And last but not least, don't forget that these are always free and therapeutic no matter how shitty things get.

Happy sequestration everyone!

12:07 AM PT: Here's science class in school under the sequestration. Be careful not to listen somewhere sensitive, there are evil words like "semen" and "penis" and "seahorse" in it.

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