Club For Growth’s ‘PrimaryMyCongressman.com’ Escalates GOP Civil War

Conservative advocacy group Club For Growth shows no signs of slowing down its efforts to purge the GOP of alleged moderates, launching a new campaign targeting Republican members of the 113th Congress.

The group’s new site, PrimaryMyCongressman.com, is designed “to raise awareness of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) who are currently serving in safe Republican seats,” according to a press release announcing its debut this week.


“Big government liberals inhabit the Democratic Party, but they are far too common within the Republican Party as well,” Chris Chocola, president of Club For Growth, said in a statement on Wednesday. “The Republicans helped pass billions of dollars in tax increases and they have repeatedly voted against efforts by fiscal conservatives to limit government. PrimaryMyCongressman.com will serve as a tool to hold opponents of economic freedom and limited government accountable for their actions.”


The new campaign comes as top Republican strategists, including Karl Rove, are launching their own effort, the Conservative Victory Project, to fund primary candidates they believe have the best shot of winning, citing Senate losses in states like Missouri last year, where Todd Akin’s remarks about rape handed incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) an easy victory.



I'd comment except I'm laughing too hard. But really, what else is there to say except "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Please proceed GOP.


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