Palestinian protests increased when Arafat Jaradat dies in Israeli custody.

Demonstrators call for opening Shuhada Street in the heart of Hebron to Palestinians.

Yousef Alhelou describes Gaza's 'War of Brains':  Israel's use of its' control of exits & entries into Gaza to force Palestinians to spy, & Hamas' use of amnesties, death sentences, & vigilante killings to counter informers.

Demos took place at Nabi Saleh & Beit Ummar.

Egypt continues to close Gaza tunnels.

The Occupation in Hebron 2012.

A video about the Palestinian prisoner hunger strikers.

Both the Israeli film The Gatekeepers & the Palestinian film Five Broken Cameras were submitted for the Oscars Best Documentary, but both lost out to Looking For Sugarman.

The Stream looks at Israel's policy of rounding up & deporting African refugees.

Richard Silverstein presents two videos about subjects that were censored in Israel .  The first concerns the Education Minister Gideon Saar, who was accused in a letter of preying on women.  Threats of a lawsuit forced Social TV to drop the video.  The second is about the theft of a laptop from Israel nuclear agency head  Shaul Horev & how the Israeli media censors banned the media from revealing who exactly had been stolen from.

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