Here's the idea.

1.  The sequester requires mandatory cuts to most government programs without giving the executive any discretion to triage the victims.

2.  As I understand it, the FAA will be forced to reduce the headcount of air traffic controllers regardless of need.

    That will reduce the number of flights that can be controlled by ATC.  
    That is unavoidable under the sequester.  
    Everyone will likely be running late.

3.  The sequester does not say how the executive will allocate government resources among users.

In the case of ATC, here's an idea to make the 1% howl loudly for an end to the sequester.

Simply allocate air traffic slots as follows:

First in line - Existing certificated air carriers operating scheduled flights (no private charters)only. In other words planes full of the flying public - folks who bought tickets.  

No new certificated air carriers until the sequester is over, otherwise the Goldman Sachs of the world will incorporate certificated air carriers which will offer to sell ridiculously priced tickets as a sham.  (Remember, Goldman Sachs became a bank to get bailout money.)

Last in line - Private/Corporate jets, ranked in order of the tax rate paid by the corp/owner over the last five years. If you paid low/no tax you are last in line and
effectively grounded.  

Hey GE, Facebook, Google, etc. -- you get what you pay for!  

No taxes means no ATC free lunches.

Let them fly coach.

Let them endure the reduced staffing at TSA security lines.

Their howling will be the whine heard 'round the congress.

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