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I'm mad as fuck about this sequester.  The fucking Republicans are fucking us again so that the richest assholes on the planet don't have to pay a penny more in taxes.

Pardon me if I curse and don't pull my punches.  Please understand that I am pissed off that our country is going right into the shitcan thanks to Republican stupidity.  Same as it ever was.  Didn't we learn anything in 2008?  

From reading comments around the Internet on the "sequester", it seems that we may actually be close to full-scale civil war.  You think I'm exaggerating?  I wish I were.  Something like a third of all businesses, large and small, in this country depend on federal contracts.  Lots and lots of people are going to lose their jobs overnight.  Unemployed people and poor people are going to become desperate because what they need for bare survival has been cut.  You think this is not a recipe for disaster?  Check back with me in six months.

And what is the reason for this impending disaster?  Same thing that tanked our economy in 2008:

Republicans are economic dipshits!!!!

First of all, the debt is not a problem.  If your outstanding mortgage has ever been more than 100 percent of your annual income, STFU about the national debt which is around 100 percent of GDP (national annual income, if you will) and expected to stay that way.  National debt as a percentage of national income is very reasonable.  Most people carry double or triple that load on long-term debt like mortgages.  So STFU, you fucking retards.

Furthermore, the government is not like your family.  It can create money.  Y'all know your Jayzus quotes, right?  Remember the one about how Caesar's picture was on the coin so "Render unto Caesar..."  Well, whose picture is that on the dollar bill?  Why, by golly, it's Washington!  Washington creates money.  Your little inbred family of dumbshits doesn't.  So STFU, you morons.

I am so STEAMED about this bullshit!!!

Who are the idiots who keep electing assholes like Boehnerhead?  Why are they so averse to asking the very wealthiest among us to "share sacrifice!"  If the national debt were a problem, which it is not, that seems to be a reasonable avenue of discussion since our wealthy pay a very small percentage (14 in Mitt Romney's case) of their income in taxes.  Corporations are sitting on trillions in cash right now.  Seems we could get some money flowing through this starved economy without forcing a bunch of people out of work and hurting those who are already hurting.  But the dipshit Repubbies don't see this obvious fact, being wedded as they are to some bizarre bride of a fantasy realm where the rich don't live in society, didn't come up in society, and don't owe society shit.  They can just take all they want, and when they take a golden piss, it will magically trickle down and feed the poor.  

Fucking.  Dipshits.


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