I'm thinking about creating a petition on the White House's We the People page to support Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in all Federal elections. Here's a draft. Please provide feedback.

Support Voter Choice

Support legislation requiring Instant Runoff Voting in all federal elections with more than two registered candidates. IRV could stop the polarization we are now experiencing.

Here's how it would work: Voter's pick their favorite candidate as they do now, but would also be able to identify their second and third choices, etc. If nobody has a clear majority of votes on the first count, a series of runoffs would be simulated, using voters' preferences as indicated on their ballots.

Having IRV would allow a diversity of opinions to be heard and promote discussion of issues, breaking the deadlock of polarized politics. People would no longer have to worry about electability of their favorite candidate since they will be able to identify their next favored candidate.

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