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It was never about a war of supply side economics vs demand side economic ideology. It was never about whether or not tax cuts create jobs. It was never about tax increases harming businesses or the economy. It was never about whether or not the stimulus worked. It was never about poor blacks and latinos on welfare. It was never about the deficit, on national debt.

All that noise is really a distraction from the real agenda of the GOP.

What is it all about?

Mitch McConnell gave us an introduction when he said his mission was to make Obama a one term president. That was just one facet of a greater GOP agenda of obstructionism through economic sabotage.

Much of Left has taken the bait and bought their framing and argued with them on their turf, cried and pleaded with them about why their ideas will not work, and have never worked.

Guess what? The GOP establishment already knows damned well that their ideas do not work - that IS the intention! The GOP  knows that their base is slow on the uptake and will never figure it out, because they are too preoccupied with Obama Derangement Syndrome to have a clue.

The GOP learned from America's obsession with the simple economic numbers of Clinton's success and the failures of Reagan and George W. Bush long after their presidencies.

It is all about manipulating three economic numbers to save their Party, and to be used for propaganda in future GOP elections from 2014 - on. They are Obstructionism Manipulated Statistics.

The GOP realized that in order to save their Party from obsolence, after Bush nearly killed them off, is that all they have to do is deliberately fudge three statistical numbers of the Obama presidency: 1) The Unemployment Rate   2) The Deficit/National Debt   3) The Welfare/Food Stamp Budget.

The GOP is exploiting the fact that most of America is too distracted, inattentive, apathetic, and blinded by their hate for Obama to notice that it is the GOP themselves who deliberately fudged these numbers. They also know that most of America will never notice the correlation between these three numbers.

They know that many in America will just see that the 'Food Stamp/Welfare numbers' are high & blame it on lazy & poor minorities, rather than make the connection with high unemployment due to Bush's failures and GOP obstructionism..

The only way to win against this game is not to play at all; if you continue buy their framing and play on their turf by arguing as if the GOP truly believes that their ideas have merit - you are validating them and allowing their Obstructionism Manipulated Statistics to take hold in the American psyche and put the Left at a great messaging disadvantage in the coming elections, and well into the future.

The Left must get in front of this messaging war and declare the GOP is deliberately manipulating these three numbers for political gain, and explain how and why they are manipulating these numbers.  America must be made aware of this new game to manufacture the illusion of equivalency with the GOP's failures, by ginning up propaganda for Party image and winning future elections through  Obstructionism Manipulated Statistics.

The Teapublican Idiot's Guide to Understanding The Deficit

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