President Obama has been in continuous campaign mode since the inauguration. I, probably like all of you, have been receiving dunning emails from DCCC and others wanting more money. None of that really reached me until today.

What I read today was that the president has decided that only by regaining the House will we be able to get anything done, and he is now all in for winning the 2014 elections.

Probably it's just me, but that struck a chord. He's right! The only way we can hope to make any progress is by campaigning for 2014, just like we campaigned for 2012 and 2008 (but not so much 2010).

So, for me, that meant going back to Act Blue and reactivating a few small, but recurring contributions to some key Democratic organizations. I set them up for the next 20 months (I hope I counted right).

Maybe you'd consider joining me, or joining President Obama's efforts in some other way?

Greg Shenaut


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