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Cheering Up VetGrl Edition

Dinner on Saturday, March 23
6:00ish p.m.

We have two open questions:  

What end of town and is 6:00 okay with everyone?

Silvia Nightshade looked into whether we might get a private room at a restaurant.  Her research revealed tha the option is a pricey one:

Just an FYI, a separate meeting room for our group may be out of our grasp depending on when/where we eat.  A lot of places I've called and emailed around Columbus have a minimum of $750 for a Saturday night, and I love you all but not quite THAT much... hah.
All's not lost, however, because we can't lose sight of the fact that it was my own misguided idea to have our first meetup in a sports bar an hour before game time.

We've gone far north and Short North.  What say you all to something Gahanna-ish, German Village-ish, or even Hilliard-ish?  

Just let me know in the comments or via kosmail.


P.S. No, the dinner isn't really about cheering me up. But sincere thanks to those who left such nice comments in the last Central Ohio Kossacks diary about my girl leaving for her extended trip overseas. You're all right -- I really did something good when I raised her.  And she's having a blast.

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