#HandsOffMySocialSecurity Well a crap load of you Kossacks and Democrats in Washington DC are talking about SS as if there is something wrong with it, and it needs to be fixed. If you advocate for leaving SS alone, cool. IF not its time to come to terms with what Democrats are saying that enables the GOP long term plan to destroy Social Security.

The only thing wrong with Social Security is the economy. In fact the Social Security Trustees tells us that. Of course for those of you who have never read any actual Trustees report, and continue to repeat this falsehood that the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted in 20 or so years, and just buying a load of GOP crap.


Stop it. Take your hands off my Social Security. You're not being responsible, I don't trust you, go home, lock the door and turn off the internet. Just stop it.

Lets create jobs, raise the minimum wage, and watch the FICA roll in. Heres a screen cap of the Trustees 2012 report, look very carefully for the footnotes.....


Have you never heard this information before? than I excuse you. IF you have heard this information before, and you choose to ignore it, and you still predict 20 more years of recession, well friends, in light of the Sequester and the debt limit talks that could happen this month and things horribly worse....

This diary and its lack of respect is for you.

Chained CPI and Superlative CPI both mean 130 billion in cuts:


Job creation and raising the min wage go a long way to making Social Security solvent thru 2090. Don't comment here, call up DC and give them an earful. Tell them:


Remember there are Democrats who seem to settle for no real jobs programs and Chained CPI, I know, thats some crazy shit, but its true. 25 million Americans would take a full time year round job if offered, do you have our unemployed backs, or is chained CPI or Superlative CPI ok with you?

If it comes to this trade off, Raise the SS cap, or 25 million jobs and the GOP is only letting you pick one..... which is it going to be?

If it comes to this trade off,  SS benefit cuts, or raising the minimum wage and the GOP is only letting you pick one..... which is it going to be?

Make the call, call Congress and tell you representative this:

Roger Fox told me the Social Security Trustees said if we create lots of jobs and keep raising the minimum wage over 20 years, then my Social Security is good thru 2090.


Dont wait for the grand bargain to hit you, draw a line in the sand right now, get on the phone, email your friends and relatives and make sure they know whats at risk, whats going on this week & the rest of this month and make sure they know what to do & say about it.

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