Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. I have a couple of leads on where to promote my art so I’ve been updating all my old art on my website with new models and textures. I want everything to look as good as possible. I did a series in 2006 called the Guardian series where I tied everything together with the same dragon and rainbows. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do a series that was artistic and symbolic and united together. It wasn’t easy to do but the more I got into it the more I enjoyed creating it. The dragon was really a pretty clunky model and could not be posed. So I just finished updating the whole series. These are the Guardians of Time. See my previous diary for the Guardians of the Seasons. Future diaries will have the Guardians of Elements, and Concepts. I’ve included my comments on the pictures from my website.

Guardian of Time
(Time can be very frustrating. Either we have too much time on our hands or we don't have enough time. It never seems to be just right.)
  Guardian of Time photo GuardianofTime2_zps954e6bb7.jpg

Guardian of the Past
(The past contains treasures from the ancients such as Stonehenge, the Easter Island statues, the Great Wall of China, etc. The past is what we need to learn from in our present.)
  Guardian of the Past photo GuardianofthePast2_zps00cf642d.jpg

Guardian of the Present
(Our present is full of technology but it isn't clear if that really makes us happy. It is where we dwell though and we need to make the best of it.)
 Guardian of the Present photo GuardianofthePresent2_zpse86581c5.jpg

Guardian of the Future
(I decided I wanted to do a series linking time with the past, present, and future. I know our future will hold space travel to distant planets and stars.)
 Guardian of the Future photo GuardianoftheFuture2_zps7f69a9ee.jpg

Guardian of the Night
(I love the church in this picture.)
  Guardian of the Night photo GuardianoftheNight2_zpsca10cd52.jpg

Guardian of the Dawn
(Only the cat is awake to see the dragon bring in the morning sky.)
  Guardian of the Dawn photo GuardianoftheDawn2_zps0ed24a94.jpg

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