So I've run nominally successful websites in the past and understand the need for ad revenue. I also appreciate the fact that I can subscribe to DailyKos and remove ads entirely.

That said, I'm bothered by the Taboola widget on this site. It appears on the end of every article and looks something like this:

The articles rarely have anything to do with topics relevant to DailyKos and, if they do, they're completely counterproductive and bizarre -- see the "billionaire's warning!" as an example. Many of these go to websites that have shady information gathering practices and others loop you around ad nauseum to find the "original article" to which they're referring. At any given time at least one seems chauvinistic.

I feel like this widget doesn't fit here and is more dangerous than helpful. I don't know if it's pulling in significant ad revenue for DailyKos, but am I alone in feeling that some alternative should be found for it? It's obnoxious at best and damaging at worst.

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