Sorry, this isn't much of a diary but I wanted to share this all with you to put a smile on your face:
You'll remember that Governor Rick Snyder (R. MI) is the one who caved under the Koch Brothers' demands and signed the controversial union-busting "Right To Work" legislation:


The move has already done major political damage to Snyder, whose image as a bipartisan conciliator is at risk of turning into one as a right-wing bully. But Snyder -- the onetime CEO of the Gateway computer company, whose unorthodox 2010 campaign branded him "One Tough Nerd" -- was unrepentant when I spoke to him on Thursday.
"I think it's the right thing to do," he said. "There are still people upset. We'll still have some issues. But the Capitol lawn is clear today." That is, the protesters have gone home. Now that he's signed the laws into being, there is nothing more protestors can do there. - The Atlantic, 12/14/12
Look forward to their poll tomorrow.

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