I have had it.
I'm tired of reading diaries on this site about how awful the Republicans are. How regressive their policies are. How they are destroying the country... blah blah blah.

Last night I heard Kristina Vanden Heuval ranting to Ed Schlultz on MSNBC about the Republican scorched earth policy. Where is the Democrats' scorched earth policy? Why aren't Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Franken, my Congressman George Miller, Sheldon Whitehouse and every other Congressperson that portrays themselves as a liberal out there at the microphones every single time Lying John Boehner, Former Senator John McCain, Huckleberry Closet Case Graham, Slimy Eric Cantor and their cohorts take to the airwaves with their “Obama has no plan” nonsense or the Benghazi nonsense or the gun nonsense or any of the other nonsense that they spew day after day? Why aren't Democratic congresspeople mocking them, insulting them, calling them out at the top of their lungs on their unwillingness to govern? Every time a so called pundit like Bill Keller or David Brooks publishes some false equivalency trope, the designated Democratic Attack Dog of the Day needs to come out braying "BS".

Enough with Harry Reid's spidery anguished moans. Enough with the reasonableness. Enough with the “if we work with them on this, maybe they'll give us that” garbage. For God's sake, Democrats, get a spine, grow a pair and start fighting with the gloves off for what you say you believe in.

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