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Every day StopRush volunteers send hundreds of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages to advertisers whose ads are running on the Rush Limbaugh Show, aiming to convince them that their support for a show which regularly attacks women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and the poor is unethical.  Some advertisers ignore these messages.  Some respond angrily to what they see as an unwanted intrusion.  But still others express genuine appreciation for the information.

The email that follows is from a large utility company in a large--and very red--Midwestern city.  It was sent in response to a message which talked about Limbaugh's recent slavery jokes wherein he said that African American Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee had "outlived her usefulness on the plantation."  

The company shall remain unidentified since email is intended as private communication.

I would like to respond to your email below and thank you for your concerns.  My apologies for the late reply as this message resulted in our taking the time to analyze the situation.

We do have a program of purchased advertising that runs on (station), all of which are scheduled and do not run during Rush Limbaugh’s program.  This was a requirement of ours in order to do the advertising.  Our marketing group was aware that (station) also ran shorter Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) at no cost to the District; we believed these would also not run during certain programs/talk shows if our paid advertising excluded them.  We were wrong.

Effective today, we have pulled all PSA’a and will no longer participate in this free advertising if we cannot mandate when the ads run.  Even though we do not endorse any programming, I want to assure you we are concerned about our reputation and do not want to be associated with a controversial  program such as this.

I once again apologize for this unfortunate incident and want to assure you that we will monitor this very closely as we go forward.   Each year we look at where we advertise and will continue to make changes as deemed necessary.

I thank you for your input as we do value our customers’ voices and opinions.

Please feel free to contact me in the future should you have concerns.


Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

So sponsor #2480 to withdraw an ad from Rush Limbaugh was a PSA.  It didn't cost Premiere Networks a dime.  But what it showed is that a growing number of organizations across the country are choosing reputation over access to millions of listeners.  Rush Limbaugh's toxic hate continues the right wing talk radio industry's downward spiral.

The other side of the coin after the cheese doodle.

As a humorous sidenote, the same day the lovely email above arrived, multiple StopRush volunteers received responses from an apparently very high-strung realtor whose ads happened to be running on the same Midwestern radio station as the utility company.  This advertiser was much less receptive to suggestions that her ads were legitimizing ugly views:

DO YOU NOT HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!!!   Your opinion is yours.. keep it within your sad group of friends.  I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND   AND ASK THAT YOU REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST    But stay off my personal and business accounts.  I DON'T WANT YOUR CRAP AND I DID NOT ASK TO BE INCLUDED.  As far as I am concerned, this is an invasion of my space.    STAY OUT!!!!
You can't win 'em all.

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