Of course, the corporate media will never report this point of view.

Yes, Obama is the only person in America who can give the Republican party what they can not win in elections. Massive budget cuts, more privatization, more drownings to appease Grover Norquist, and again the President negotiating with himself against a GOP that doesn't give a flying fuck about 99% of America and is willing to wreck this country as long as Obama takes the blame.

I can't stop Obama from blowing his second term by enacting more shit GOP policy.

Another GOP hostage demand, and Dems play along, and the GOP gets to keep the hostage and exact further demand, budget cuts that will cripple the economy for which Obama will be blamed for, all cuts on the poor, now tax hikes on the rich and if their are tax hikes let them all be shouldered by those who have the least.

Obama wants a deal! Let's just keep giving the GOP what they can't win an election on. Let's pretend they are sincere and genuinely care about the country whose fate they keep holding hostage, let's pretend this isn't all about the obvious goal, destroying the New Deal and then bringing about the Billionaire's dream economy, no labor rights, no voting rights, no regulations, it sounds just like the worst of the Great Depression, doesn't it? More austerity for the 99%, more corporate profits and golden parachutes for the 1%, and Obama keeps giving away a little more, a little more, how many 11th hour deals do we need? The GOP is getting their agenda passed piecemeal by a President who keeps insisting on a deal where he gives up something and gets nothing in return, and it is hurting the American economy by putting all of the burden of austerity on those who are already hurting the most.

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So we didn't punish anybody for the previous administrations torture, but we did punish people who whistleblew on the previous administration, and we bailed out the banks but no one went to jail and we gave the banks immunity in return for fines they could easily pay and now they are larger and more dangerous to the rest of the global economy than before, and we can't nominate a Dem Secretary of Defense so we nominate a Republican and the Republicans filibuster him anyway, the Republicans through their tactics are demanding that Obama's second term look and sound exactly like what Mitt Romney's first term would have looked like, and Obama can NOT give them that via attrition because they are willing to sink our nation's ship in order to blame the Captain.

The GOP economic agenda destroys the economy anyway. Letting big business police itself is a stupid idea, proven to fail by numerous instances just in the last year (Wall St collapse, BP spill, Mine collapses, etc). Giving the GOP half of their proven to fail ideas because they insist on nothing less is madness.

So what happens if we give the GOP a bit more of what they want now to keep them from killing the hostage US economy? More of what we know DOESN'T WORK, Obama takes the blame, GOP runs against a Dem President who enacts GOP ideas, and we creep closer to a grim future where there is no social safety net, no labor protections, no voting rights and no regulations to protect consumers and the marketplace from multi-national corporations run amok. The GOP vision for the future looks like a dilapidated shithole straight out of Grapes of Wrath, and we are going to keep working with them? And what will the rich sacrifice? Oh, they won't get their Bush tax breaks anymore? Cry me a river Mr. Moneybags.

   A cruel and callous GOP who only serve their corporate stooge masters and the billionaires who love them, and here is Obama yet again trying to find a Republican willing to let Obama enact Paul Ryan's agenda. And the extremist Republicans are too stupid to take the deal! Obama has won the Presidency resoundingly and now instead of explaining to America just how bad the GOP's ideas are he is lending them unearned legitimacy in seeking to work with them as they plot to ruin the economy and blame Obama, thereby enriching the already rich and creating more pain and outrage among the public, whose outrage will be channeled at Democrats who were dumb enough to enact the GOP's demands in the first place. Sequestration is just another word for Austerity, a politically self inflicted wound to our economy insisted upon by a GOP who only wishes to destroy what we already have and has no inclination at all to invest in anything except for more war and more tax breaks for the rich. Obama has given these crackpots enough, he risks crippling our economy and his second term by continuing to treat the GOP like a legitimate bargainer who has the best interests of America in mind when they only have the best interests of Grover Norquist and they are willing to wreck this country if it means the already rich can have whatever crazy thing they haven't been given over the last decade. As the rich get ever richer their demands get more bizarre, and so do the Republicans they own. If Obama doesn't want his second term derailed by these kamikaze GOP Norquistites he needs to reject austerity now, in order to stave off insanity later. Otherwise the GOP will dictate to him his next four years and Obama will be wholly responsible for allowing them to do so.

The reality is that what the GOP is demanding is EXACTLY what the public just rejected in the 2012 elections just months ago. If Obama gives them even part of the lunacy they demand over the long run in order to stave off a wholly fictional and GOP created deficit faux-crisis right now then shame on Obama. I didn't vote for Obama so he could decide how fast or slow he would enact Romneynomics.

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