NOAA satellite image, 03/06/2013
A band of pretty colors is expected to make its way down the east coast today.
Residents are advised to dress in neutral tones so as not to clash.
So there was this:
The House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee on Environment was scheduled to hear from a panel that included a pair of witnesses more skeptical of some of the scientific consensus regarding climate change.
But it's been called off due to weather. Specifically, due to the current winter storm in Washington. Hey, these people don't like to work late on Thursdays, you think they're going to work on a snow day?
Some climate scientists contend weather patterns like the one Washington is forecast to experience correlates with climate change. They argue climate change will make snowfall more irregular while producing heavier hitting blizzards.
Yes, but everybody knows that when it snows that proves climate change isn't real, because I'm fairly certain we passed a law saying so.

Well, I think we've seen what will happen in our new, climate-change-fueled future. The weather will suck, but since the weather sucks nobody will want to go to the meetings talking about it. Problem solved.

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