George Bush, reading The Pet Goat
Anyone who worked for this guy certainly understands incompetence
I don't have enough fingers to count all the different kinds of funny in this story:
Matthew Dowd, a chief strategist for George W. Bush's reelection, slammed CPAC (scheduled to kick off in mid-March) for inviting the one-time vice presidential candidate to the popular conference, while passing over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

"CPAC, to me, has totally diminished its credibility as an organization,” Dowd said. “And you invite Sarah Palin, who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to a CPAC meeting?”

Of course, if you've been an adviser to George Dubya, you are perhaps uniquely qualified to spot incompetence from your house. And we can all agree that the half-term governor, who could not even handle an interview with Katie Couric—Katie freakin' Couric, ladies and gentlemen—is certainly incompetent. But Fox's decision to pay her a whopping $15.85 per word does not exactly speak to Fox's competence either. And then, lest we forget, there's the convention itself, where the universal incompetence of the conservative movement will be suited up and on full display later this month.

Best part of all? Pretty sure Matthew Dowd was serious when he said that.

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