Just to give you all the heads up, I have family coming in from out of town today so I'll probably be releasing a lot of diaries today because I won't be around on Saturday or Sunday.  Ok, so I received two e-mails from Senator Jeanne Shaheen's (D. NH) campaign.  The first one is a call to reject the House GOP's plan to privatize Medicare which Shaheen calls the “Good Luck Grandma Plan”:
House Republicans are up to their old antics again with a new budget that would end Medicare as we know it. They should call it their “Good Luck Grandma Plan.”

We can’t let House Republicans get away with privatizing Medicare and replacing it with a voucher program to pay for tax cuts for the richest Americans. Not when so many seniors depend on Medicare for lifesaving care.

I need your help to fight back against these devastating changes to Medicare. Will you speak out?

Click here to join me and the DCCC in calling on the GOP to protect seniors and Medicare. We can’t let the GOP leave seniors in the lurch:


This voucher plan is nothing new – the House Republican majority has been pushing to privatize Medicare for years. And now that they’re in control of the House, they feel empowered to push seniors aside to pay for massive tax cuts for the rich.

Seniors everywhere need us to stand up for them – and fight back.

Sign my petition with the DCCC and help us stop these GOP attacks on Medicare. If we don’t stop them, no one will:


Thank you for standing with me,


You can sign Shaheen's petition here:


Also, please be sure to call Shaheen's office and remind her that you are against any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as part of a Grand Bargain:


The other e-mail I received is from Governor Maggie Hassan (D. NH) who is campaigning for Senator Shaheen's 2014 re-election campaign to protect New Hampshire's all female delegation:

I won a tough race this past November. It took a lot of people coming together and working hard to make it happen.

There’s one person in particular who helped me every step of the way: Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Now, she’s gearing up for her reelection campaign. And one of the lessons from our victories is that in New Hampshire, you have to start early.

In order to win, she’s got to build her team now. She needs to reach Granite Staters in every county, all across the state. She needs a strong ground game and dedicated volunteers. That’s how it’s done here, and Sen. Shaheen needs our help.

She has her first FEC deadline of the year at the end of this month. Her team needs to raise $100,000 online by midnight March 31. Can you pitch in now?

Click here to donate $25 or more directly to Jeanne’s campaign. Help her build the kind of campaign that can win here. We know how it’s done – she needs your help to execute it:


Sen. Shaheen and I both represented the Seacoast area. She’s one of the most principled and dedicated public servants I’ve ever met. She’s someone I really admire.

Last year, I was honored that Sen. Shaheen and her family worked so hard for my campaign. They were committed because they’re committed to New Hampshire. Sen. Shaheen believes, as I do, in strengthening our economy by supporting small businesses, giving our children access to great schools, expanding access to health care and developing new, sustainable energy sources.

Will you join me in helping her get off to the kind of start it takes to win?

Click here to donate $25 or more to Jeanne’s campaign, so she can keep up the fight for New Hampshire’s future:


I count myself fortunate to live in a state represented by Jeanne Shaheen in the Senate. I hope you’ll join me in making sure she is reelected.

With every good wish,

Governor Maggie Hassan

You can donate to her 2014 re-election campaign here:


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