Former wife: NRA official banned from carrying gun after ‘years of domestic violence’

The New York Daily News on Wednesday reported that police has confiscated an arsenal of 39 firearms from the home of Richard D’Alauro in 2010 because of a confrontation with his then-wife at their Long Island home.

Suffolk County records showed that authorities filed misdemeanor charges against Richard D’Alauro for assault and endangering a child after the incident on Sept. 1, 2010. At the time, police confiscated 39 weapons from the NRA official’s home, including at least 16 handguns.

Richard D’Alauro later pleaded guilty to a non-misdemeanor harassment charge after admitting that tried to “harass, annoy or alarm” his wife with “physical contact.” Due to a protection order, D’Alauro cannot purchase or own a firearm until Oct. 3, 2013.

Now, the incident was in 2010. So it appears he can go restock his gun cabinet later this year.

I want to recall the shooter/kidnapper guy in Alabama, the man who took the boy and held him underground.

Jimmy Lee Dykes  had been confronted by authorities many times for actually discharging his firearms at people. it seems like all he got was a slap on the wrist; his guns were never taken away.

He had beaten a neighbor’s dog to death with an iron pipe because it strayed onto his land. He had built his own speed bump on the road to keep people from driving too fast.  He had previously resided in Florida, where he had been arrested for brandishing a gun. All of it seemed to add up to one desire that had reached its ultimate expression in this standoff and that the source summarizes as, “Hey, notice me!  I’m in control. I’m the boss!”
The very fact he never had his guns impounded, I think, emboldened this gun-toting nonsense he clearly held dear.

The confiscation of the NRA bully's guns is a fine example of something I would like to hear about more often.

We might save a person or two.

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