Skipper is not so far away from my memory; nor is his son so distance that I may engage him; wealth does not bar this door of mutual home-state friendships.  


What the fuck is the son doing...fixing the debt for the corporate class? Isn't $40 billion a month buying bad paper enough? Just how much more bad paper are you guys holding, Morgan "Standlies?"

A lot.

You have profited greatly in your scheme and can more than afford to eat the losses that you engineered.

Leave the old, veterans, the young, students, the environment and the poor out of your fiscal coming dreams.

Time for you to pay up Mr. pusher-man of derivatives.

I knew your father; a progressive thinker, a good man--all in all--for a politician.

Sorry, you were never elected by the people.

Is that it? Are you sore that you never were appreciated by us all.

You can't take it with you.

Think about what your father would do, Skipper.

White House, think on this, too.

Fool me once ain't in charge anymore. Is he?

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