Welcome to your fuzzy cup of coffee open thread. Y'know, Salvador Dali made a fur-lined cup; obviously perfect for coffee, built in filtration-- kinda like a baleen whale sifting krill.

The last couple of weeks I shared some photographs with you. There were the castle ruins of Krakovec and some meandering, meatless monsters. This week I thought I'd fling some ink at you. Below the ginger hairball I've got a few of my latest drawings to share with you. This is an open thread so feel free to frolic.

This is the sort of stuff I scribble for my own entertainment. I bash out the drawing with a pencil and then add India ink laced with black gouache (for denser blacks) using only a single round brush. Then I usually scan the drawings and add a layer of gray tone using good ol' Photoshop™. These are my experiments. I'm continuing to learn, and hopefully improve, as I make these.

I continue to toy with ideas for a comic book and that is an image that seems to need some help filling in the speech bubble. I keep thinking up things like: "GRZ!" or "Say CHEESE!" ... but I'm not happy with anything I've come up with so far.

A bit awkward and silly but then, so much of my stuff is ...

Ah yes, makes me laugh a bit that one. Here's the thing, I get asked to draw a lot of female figures for storyboards but rarely do I just draw them for fun. I wonder what odd psychological block is causing this. So I engaged in a bit of therapy this week. It has been said that the most difficult thing to draw is a beautiful woman.

Well, I'm working on it. I'd retouch that jawline if I was me-- a bit heavy-handed.

Yeah, a lot of my day to day scribbles end up looking a bit lumpy.

Lumpy and rather grim. You might not guess that while I draw these I'm listening to British comedy programs. I have a friend who creates beautiful paintings and sculptures almost entirely with themes relating to death but his images are more of the fanciful and elegant morbidity of Edward Gorey and quite unlike my necrotic studies.

Yeah, I get the feeling my skills will atrophy if I don't do stuff like this. It's really marvelous fun to use a brush to draw. It is far superior to a pen.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday. Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts over the entire weekend. I don't post diaries that I don't carouse in and keep an eye on so I'll be checking in on you all eventually. And do please let me know what you'd like to see in a Fuzzy Friday Coffee Hour next week and I'll try to provide. Any and all suggestions will be eagerly and gratefully considered.  

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