Gaza fishermen hold a sea protest against the Israeli naval blockade & to demand their boats back.

Israel has started segregated buses for Palestinians in the West Bank, but insist Palestinians can't be stopped from riding Israeli buses by law.

Israel has been violating the ceasefire in Gaza, according to Palestinians.

In Hebron, the IDF has set up a fence on a street in the middle of the city that separates Palestinians & Jewish settlers.

The Israeli siege on Gaza continues to cripple businesses.

Israel has told Bedouins living near the settlement of  Ma'ale Adumim they will be moved to Jericho.

The unity deal between Hamas & Fatah is stalled.

The UN says Palestinian detained kids are being abused.

Amani Bassam el Kelani tells a counselor how the Gaza attack affected her & her son.

Demos took place in Beit Jala, Bilin, & Nabi Saleh.

Beit Safafa, a Palestinian neighborhood in the south of East Jerusalem, is protesting a highway that will divide it.  The highway is being built so settlers in the West Bank will have a better route to Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

Activists film the IDF helping settlers keep Palestinians from their lands in Umm Al Amad, South Hebron hills.

Netanyahu is considering forming a government without Shas or other Ultra Orthadox parties.

Activists in Jaffa show solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers.

Rabbi Menachem Froman has died of cancer.  He was the chief Rabbi of Tekoa in the West Bank.  He preached co-existence with Palestinians.

Kathy Wazana is raising money on Indiegogo for her film about Moroccan Jews They Were Promised The Sea.

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