Gosh isn't it funny how the Republican leadership hangs on to the nostalgic and distorted legacy of a President that left office nearly a quarter of a century ago. I suppose it was the last time when the Republican Party showed a public face that wasn't frothing at the mouth about some conspiracy or other.


McCain takes the opportunity [for the nth time] in reminding us he is still alive and apparently relevant.

I'm of the party of Ronald Reagan
Yep, nearly twenty five years behind the times and of the party that laid the foundation for the last economic crisis and the resulting problem with wages and inequality
In the wake of the Great Recession, millions of middle-class people are being pinched by stagnating incomes and the increased cost of living. America's median household income has dropped by more than $4,000 since 2000, after adjusting for inflation, and the typical trappings of middle-class life are slipping out of financial reach for many families.
It is no wonder that the right hand side of the aisle is in total meltdown a third of them dream of the halcion days of Joe McCarthy,  another third claiming to be with Reagan whilst the rest play with vaginal probes and worry about Muslamic[sic] Armageddon.

The Ex Party of Reagan only intent is to lurch the US from one phony self made crisis to another with one soul purpose to win the next election and hang the consequences.

Not only are Republicans isolated from public opinion most of them don't seem to ne able to catch up with who their party is actually heading.

We are now seeing open conflict between the frothing at the mouth brigade and the corporations via their mouthpieces. In between the elections the sponsors hold the upper hand, during the Republican primaries the brigade holds sway.

Someone better take away their Reagan and bring them into the present day, they need to knock down that wall, the one between sense and teh crazy.

Anti science, anti education, anti women, openly racist, bigoted and religiously fanatical; in the long term this never ending cycle of vile drivel will cause immense harm [if it hasn't done so already].

Dear GOP, welcome to the 21st century and all the progress we have made since 1776; we risk losing it all through your idiotic banter.

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