Republicans  love to go on and on about how truly great the free market is and how private enterprises would better handle all of those things the government usually does and supposedly does a terrible job at but those of us who lived in California remember all too well how "the free market" failed us miserably when electricity was deregulated and turned over to private enterprise in 1996 because of California Legislature (AB 1890) and Governor Pete Wilson which led to the California Energy Crisis of 2000. Market manipulation and mega-watt laundering by companies such as Enron caused massive blackouts and cost the state of California $40 to $45 billion. It sounded like such a great idea at the time it was being touted. We were all told how healthy "free market" competition would provide us all with better service and lower rates. Instead it only encouraged unprecedented fraud. This is what happens when greed is allowed to go unchecked and it will happen every time. When profit becomes the motivating factor i.e.prisons, schools, etc. etc. corruption always ensues.

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