Edit: I changed the title to protest because other than police statements there has been no video or photos or witnesses claiming damage. If something gets broken it isn't only the police tweeting about it as is the case here.

I'll add to this as it is breaking.:

Some background on the shooting:

Another witness, Camille Johnson, told WPIX-TV Gray was fleeing the scene when he was killed.

“He was running for his life, telling the cops, ‘Stop,’” Johnson said. “They really are, seriously, walking around, shooting little kids.”

Another witness, who said she lives across the street from the scene of Gray’s death, said she saw him on the ground clutching his stomach while two men stood over him.

“He said, ‘Please don’t let me die,’” said the witness, who identified herself using only her first name, Vanessa. She added that one of the officers answered, “Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.”

7:02 PM PT: Twitter is freezing up as this story catches.

Link to NYPD Scanner

7:10 PM PT:

A livestream Occupy Bloomberg

Individuals are gathering at Nostrand Ave & Snyder Ave. The NYPD are on scene.

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7:39 PM PT: It looks things have calmed for now:

7:56 PM PT: Apparently a protest has broken out at the police station there:

8:42 PM PT: 8:45 PM PT:

10:40 PM PT: Oops NYPD is getting too big for it's britches:

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