Screenshot from C-SPAN as Paul Ryan unveils the GOP's new budget plan
So Paul Ryan has officially introduced his new budget, and one of the ways it achieves balance is by preserving the tax increases on upper-income taxpayers that he spent the 2012 campaign decrying. Pressed to explain his apparent flip-flop, Ryan said he didn't want to refight old battles:
Paul Ryan on using fiscal cliff tax revenue: "We're not going to fight the past."
@brianbeutler via Janetter for Mac
But even Fox anchor Brett Baier called B.S. on that, because the Ryan budget repeals Obamacare:
Except when it's Obamacare RT @foxnewsradio GOP budget accepts the new tax rates set in Jan. "We're not going to fight the past," Ryan says
@BretBaier via Twittelator
Not only that, but Ryan effectively ends Medicare, turning it into a voucher program. And if that doesn't qualify as refighting the past, I don't know what would.

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