While watching the Ed Show tonight, I heard Ed Schultz announce that he was going to have the first TV interview of the man who videotaped Mitt Romney's infamous "47%" remark.  

As the hype over the interview boiled, I couldn't help but think of some of the comments that have come up as of late regarding the remark.  

There was Mitt Romney who tried to backpedal his way back to Massachusetts by saying that the comments didn't reflect who he was.  There is Ted Cruz saying that the 47% comments was the reason the GOP lost last November.  But then again, what does he know?

But all of these comments are forgetting one thing.

Mitt Romney didn't just lose because of the 47% comments.  Lest us not forget the real reasons why Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama.

Mr. Romney, you lost because you thought corporations were people.  You thought you could retroactively repeal your healthcare bill that provided care for many Massachusetts residents.  You decided you weren't to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights issues.  Your money has so many birth certificates that Donald Trump endorsed you just so he could investigate them.

You lost because your foreign policy credentials were to goofily grin and agree with President Obama on everything.  You lost because you had "binders full of women" yet all you could say about Rush Limbaugh saying "slut" is "that wasn't the language I would've used".  You lost because you had trouble putting away Rick Santorum, the candidate you couldn't Google.

Mr. Romney, you lost because your running mate runs faster away from the truth than you backpedal from it.  You lost because everyone knows you Etch-a-Sketch'd your way to the nomination.  You lost because austerity is awful and yes, we are actually concerned about the "very poor".  

You did not lose simply because of a few comments made at a fundraiser with a bunch of probably guffawing corporatists such as yourself.  

By saying that the 47% comments were the reason you lost, the GOP can just simply disavow you and continue on with everything else you represented.  The GOP can just pretend Mitt Romney didn't exist from now on yet show no growth from his departure from the media spotlight.  

It's almost genius if it wasn't so transparent.  

But please, Mr. Romney don't blame a sentence.  Blame yourself.

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