You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones
Saturday, March 14, 1903
Denver, Colorado-Governor Peabody has convened a meeting between the Western Federation of Miners and the mangers of the three Colorado City mills where the smeltermen are now on strike. The meeting began at 2 PM and negotiations may last well into the night. Representing the smeltermen are Charles Moyer and William D Haywood. The Standard Mill is represented by Charles MacNeill. HJ has not yet been able to learn the names of the men representing the Telluride and Portland mills, but an unnamed sources states that these two mills may be close to reaching a settlement with the WFM.

The Life and Times of Big Bill Haywood

-by Peter Carlson
NY, 1983

Friday, March 14, 1913
Akron, Ohio-Responding to a telegraph from Vincent St John requesting his assistance, Big Bill Haywood arrived here yesterday to support the IWW Rubber Strike. The reception committee included 35 or 40 men with long yellow ribbons on their lapels and  hickory clubs fastened to their wrists with thongs. Three of them informed Haywood that the chief wanted to see him. The chief then warned Big Bill, "Mr. Haywood, you realize that the situation in this city at the present time is very tense. I want to notify you that while you are here you are treading on very thin ice."

In spite of this warning, the Industrial Workers of the World was able to hold a great meeting in Rainbow hall. Haywood's address was "A Lesson in Rubber." He told of the conditions on the rubber plantations of Congo, Africa were men must gather a certain quota of rubber or be beaten, some have seen a hand or foot of one of their children amputated as further punishment.  This is done by the good Christian King Leopold of Belgium with the full co-operation of American capitalists. The blood-stained rubber then comes to Akron where it is manufactured into automobile tires and other goods.

Big Bill ended his speech: "These companies [Firestone and Goodrich] are among the richest in America, and they are, at the same time, the bitterest exploiters of labor. They have in their employ hundreds of detectives furnished by the Corporation Auxiliary Co. and other detective agencies."

The Autobiography of
Big Bill Haywood

-written 1929
NY, 1983

Thursday, March 14, 2013
The 2012 Hell-Raiser of the Year Award goes to Scott Prouty
This Working Class Hero stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight last evening on the Ed Show:

Part I:

Full interview here:

Must Read! By Ned Resnikoff.
Includes video of Prouty and Charles Kernaghan discussing
Romney's anecdote about the Chinese Workers.

Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights

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