Capitalism is reaping what it has sowed.

What you see happening to the Republican Party right now is a microcosm of what has happened--and was inevitable to happen--to capitalism itself.

The Republicans have isolated women, homosexuals, non-christians,  the poor, and every person that is colored any color except white and pink. They've even isolated a lot of those white and pink folks.

The reason for this is that the Republican Party is the official party of Capitalism. The Democratic Party is a Capitalist party too, don't get me wrong, but they're a little more tempered. They're second string. To stick with language a Capitalist would understand, The Democrats are the Pepsi of Capitalism, while The Republicans are Coca Cola.

This isolation was inevitable, because Capitalism is about isolation. It is about protecting a given class and type above other classes and types. It sells itself as fair, but like so many of its other products, its actuality does not live up to its advertisement. Capitalism is about promoting the interests of the ruling class, and allowing the lower classes to breed and experience just enough freedom to keep them invested in the promulgation of the existing system.

It is so short sighted, too. It occurs to me now that it must be this way by design, but too bad for the Capitalist that he never thought to include other groups in his success. Being a white, christian man, he had to make sure that too much advantage wasn't given to other populations. Sure, tokens could rise up through sheer, mad, work from time to time, but that's no big deal. It gave the white christian man something exotic to look at in the office, and a reassurance that he was expansive. Rather than extending opportunity to others--something The Capitalist is definitionally unable to do--he hoarded it.

And now the populations of 'others' are growing. And fast.

The White Christian Man is scared.

I would say it didn't have to be that way, but I guess it really did. An interesting phenomenon can be noted when talking to members of these 'other groups'. However socially conservative, however traditional in the rest of their outlooks, members of 'other' groups tend to be far more sympathetic to Marxism than the White Christian Man is. This is too bad, because Marxism could benefit the White Christian Man too, but The White Christian Man has been too burdened by propaganda about what Marxism really is. While The White Christian Man was receiving mega doses of anti-marxist propaganda in the fifties and sixties, black people were being knocked over by Capitalist fire hoses. Women were being sexually harassed and trivialized in the work place. Gays and Atheists were being forced to remain in closets, lest they lose everything they had worked for in this society.

In the early 1900's, while The Capitalist was looking forward to a productive century, Lenin was having a 'Letter to The American Worker' smuggled into the country. he was appealing to 'The Other' to rise up, and claim America for itself. This man who is viewed today as a virtual devil by so many White Christian Men was doing his best to empower 'the others' all around the world. That is why his message--and Marx's message--can still receive an unbiased hearing in so many 'other' communities these days.

Mistakes were made by the Capitalists in America, but they were bound to be made. As The White Christian Man finds himself moving closer and closer to minority status himself, he is making token gestures that he is much more inclusive than he has in actuality been. It's not his fault, though. It is the fault of Capitalism. He was just at the top of the totem pole, and had become intoxicated with privilege (as any person reaching the top would be).

The White Christian Man can still redeem himself, but he's going to have to abandon his Capitalism in order to do so.

He is going to have to promote equality and justice before it is foisted upon him.


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