A link from....ugh...Drudge says that Wealth TV, an obscure satellite channel (I think that only Dish carries it) announced that it's teaming up with the Washington Times to launch it's own cable news network this summer, to be known as One America News.

The network, to be started by Wealth TV owner Robert Herring will be broadcast from the Times new studios in DC and will feature such "talent" as Times' staffers Ralph Hallow, Emily Miller and talk show host Andy Parks, Graham Ledger, Rick Amato and Gina Loudon.  Outside of Loudon, i have never heard of these people, and probably don't want to.

Herring says that "Fox has done a great job of serving the center-right and independent audiences, and liberals have a half-dozen or more places to get their news". Really? Outside of MSNBC and Current, name me other places that Liberals get their news from? A half-dozen sources?? I don't think so!!!

I am wondering how long it will take One America News to be a staple on most cable and satellite channels? Since most of these companies are owned by deep-pocketed righties, another source of propaganda may well suit them, as Murdoch's unwatched ugly stepchild, Fox Business is on virtually all cable systems and Dish and Directv. I am also guessing that these systems, who would welcome another right-of-center alleged news outlet wouldn't even think of adding the new incarnation of Current when Al-Jazeera takes over this summer.



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