Sequestration is cutting 1,000 Indiana children from Head Start, out of 15,400 who are in the program statewide. That's leading to heartbreak for the families of kids who are being cut from the preschool program, with at least two towns implementing a lottery system to make the cuts randomly:
Columbus resident Alice Miller told WTHR-TV that her 4-year-old son, Sage, was one of the children cut from the program. She spoke about how the program has helped her son advance academically and socially.

“He can say his ABCs. He’s counting to 100. He writes his name. I’m very proud of him,” she said.

Miller said she was “heartbroken” when his name was not chosen at the lottery.

“He loves school,” Miller said. “I don’t know how I’m going to tell him he’s not going back.”

That story is going to be repeated and repeated and repeated, in Indiana and across the country. In addition to kids losing out on education and time with their friends, parents who rely on Head Start for childcare while they work will have to scramble to figure out how to keep their jobs while keeping their kids safe.

But Republicans are more concerned about White House tours being cancelled. Tell Republicans to quit whining about White House tours and pay attention to the people really being hurt by the sequester, like these kids.

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