You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones
Monday, March 16, 1903,
Denver, Colorado-Big Bill Haywood had a few choice words this morning for Charles MacNeill, the general manager of the Standard mill who stormed out of negotiations early yesterday morning. "He has never in his life spoken to a working man except to give orders." Big Bill called MacNeill "a wretched little autocrat," and stated further, "MacNeill thinks he is above his employees." Haywood vowed that the Western Federation of Miners was not yet done with Charles MacNeill.

The Life and Times of
 Big Bill Haywood

NY, 1983

Sunday, March 16, 1913
Haledon, New Jersey-The Sunday meeting was held in Haledon today in spite of the dire predictions of The Press. We wish to thank the Socialist Mayor of that town for allowing the strikers a peaceful place to hold their Sunday rallies without fear of police brutality.

Miss Elizabeth Gurley Flynn explains the deeper meaning of these rallies:

Because Sunday is the day before Monday. Monday is the day that a break comes in every strike, if it is to come at all during the week. If you can bring the people safely over Monday they usually go along for the rest of the week. If on Sunday, however, you let those people stay at home, sit around the stove without any fire in it, sit down at the table were there isn't much food, see the feet of the children with shoes getting thin and the bodies of children where the clothes are getting ragged, they begin to think in terms of "myself" and lose the spirit of the mass and the realization that all are suffering as they are suffering...And so our original reason for going to Haledon was to give them novelty, to give them variety, to take them en masse out of the city of Paterson some place else to sort of picnic over Sunday that would stimulate them for the rest of the week.
Rebel Voices
An IWW Anthology

-ed. by Joyce L Kornbluh
Charles H Kerr Pub, 1988

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Recent email from Warehouse Workers for Justice:

My name is Mike Compton.  I am a warehouse worker at Walmart's largest distribution center in North America.  I walked out on strike last fall and, with your support, we won our fight against illegal retaliation.

When I got back to work, I kept organizing to get my boss to follow Walmart's Standards for Suppliers.  With my co-workers we got over 175 workers from six different temporary employment companies united to fight wage theft, unsafe conditions and discrimination.  We presented our demands to management on November 17th, but instead of improving conditions, we leaders were threatened and fired.

This illegal retaliation got the National Labor Relations Board to tell my employer that we should be reinstated with back pay.  But my boss, Roadlink Workforce Solutions - a Walmart supplier, is delaying our reinstatement and compliance with the law!  Our families can't wait any longer, we need to get back to work.  Please help us by telling Walmart and Roadlink to follow Walmart's Standards for Suppliers and the law- and put us back on the job today!

We need to stop illegal retaliation for organizing in the Walmart supply chain!  We need you to join us in calling on Roadlink to reinstate me and my co-workers today! You were there for us before and we need you again today.  Please take this action now

In Solidarity,
Mike Compton
Member of the Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee


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