Yo Frank:

How's it hanging? Better than thousands of those poor Argentinians who suffered so much in the late 1970s, especially those who supported liberation theology,  and who were hanged, tortured, or made to disappear?

Frank, did  you ever study Lady Macbeth? On second thought, never mind. Never in the Vatican's history have you guys ever admitted a mistake. I can't see you starting now.

I suppose the Big Lie machine that is the Vatican will cause this kerfuffle to pass. After all, from now on, isn't it "From God's lips, to the Pope's ears?"

How is your hearing, anyway?


Here's the bad news, Frank.

1. Church attendance is falling, failing, dwindling, fading. And I could not be happier. But, that's not the only problem. You have a serious decline in the number of applicants of folks who wish to celabate priesthood. But, the next two points cause you even more problems.

Actually, I cheer this development. In Europe, America - your numbers are falling. Africa? Between AIDS, condoms, and killing gays, I find it hard to see any good in your church. Rather, your organization appears evil. South America? Starting with the armies of jesus, and ending with Opus Dei, name one redeeming quality that your church has. Just one. Come on. You can do better than that. All I ask is for you to name one. Not even a hint?

2. Women in the church
Some churches have tried to use women during ceremonies, simply because of your priest shortage. Wow, talk about grabbing a live wire. The inherent misogyny that is so much a part of the modern church is not something that makes you stronger.

Can I recommend that you follow this local group called Nuns on a Bus? No, it is not a punk rock band. And by following, I do not mean that you send Donahoe shiteheels to attack or threaten them.

3. Child abuse.
Come on. Admit it. Child abuse was far larger, far more widespread, and rose much higher within your ranks, including cardinals and bishops, than most people ever imagined. (I always wondered about the history of the word "bishopric")  Despite the Rat's so-called apology, his personal history as the decision maker on all global child abuse litigation proves that your organization was always more worried about finances and covering up the crimes, rather than rooting out the criminals. Until you fix that, fuck you. The continuing fiasco in Milwaukee just makes it worse. Again, your major concern is financial, not clerical, moral, ethical, or being socially responsible. I repeat, fuck you.

One historian recently wondered whether the crack down on sex abuse offenders has scared away folks wishing to become priests.  Now, there's a topic upon which you should ponder.

4. Vatican leaders are gay?
And what of the current gay bishop scandal throughout the Vatican? Why else would top people in the Vatican spend millions buying up apartments next to Europe's biggest gay bath house? What of the 300 page secret, internal Vatican report produced for The Rat, which led directly to his resignation just a week later? If La Republica was accurate, then, Something's Rotten in the State of the Vatican.

5. Vatican Bank
Gun running, drug dealing, laundering of illegal profits, bribery, corruption, blackmail.
That is one hell of a list. And now it is all on your shoulders. But, a word of warning. Try looking into JP1, that guy who came out on a platform of reforming the Bank, and ended up somewhat  dead one month later. You may want to hire a food taster. Today's Vatican reminds me of an X-Files episode, entitled, "Trust No One."

Looks like you have a full plate in front of you. Taking the bus doesn't really solve anything.


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