You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones
Tuesday, March 17, 1903
Cripple Creek, Colorado-Cripple Creek Miners Strike In Sympathy with Smeltermen

In a great demonstration of Solidarity, the miners of Cripple Creek have walked out of the mines in sympathy with the smeltermen of the Standard Mill. These mines have been supplying the ore for the scabs at Standard Mills where the manager, Charles MacNeill refuses to negotiate with the Western Federation of Miners. The miners make higher wages for much shorter hours than the smeltermen, but are willing to make this sacrifice for their brothers in the mills. Big Bill Haywood, Secretary-Treasure of the WFM, stated proudly, "This is truly industrial unionism in action."

The Life and Times of
Big Bill Haywood

NY, 1983

Monday, March 17, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey-Many of our foreign-born strikers having recently been naturalized, are rightfully imbued with great patriotic feelings. Thus, did the mill owners believe that waving the flag in front of the mills, and naming this day "Flag Day," would cause the strikers to turn scab. The flags of the mill bosses are weather beaten and torn. Could they not locate any fine new flags to use in their attempt to break the strike? For, after all, flag silk is woven in Paterson.

Imagine the mill owners suprise when the strikers hung a huge American flag across Main Street along with this slogan:

We wove the flag; we dyed the flag.
We live under the flag; But we won't scab under the flag.
Rebel Voices
An IWW Anthology

ed. by Joyce L Kornbluh
Charles Kerr Pub, 1988

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Recent email from American Rights at Work:

Whether it’s Delta flight attendants, Walmart associates, or Hyatt housekeepers -- we know that when some workers aren’t protected on the job, standards for all workers will suffer.

That’s exactly why we’re taking a major stand this year on immigration reform.

For far too long, Big Business has been manipulating our weak immigration and labor laws to exploit vulnerable workers. As the immigration debate heats up in Congress this year, corporate-backed legislators and lobbyists are stealthily pushing for ‘reforms’ that will allow employers to hurt all workers no matter where they were born. We can’t afford to let that happen.

Stand with us in 2013 as we fight to make immigration reform work for workers. Sign our petition to Congress TODAY

Our broken immigration system already denies millions of workers access to basic rights and protections on the job. But this isn’t just a problem for immigrants. All workers are losing ground in a system that allows corrupt employers to suppress basic organizing rights, intimidate and retaliate against employees, and use immigration status to prevent workers from speaking out.

Fortunately, immigration reform can raise the floor for all workers if policymakers adopt broader, stronger labor protections. Let’s make sure every worker now and in the future feels safe at their job – so they can organize, blow the whistle on abusive conditions, and hold lawbreaking employers accountable – for the benefit of everyone.


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