The bald screaming white guy is none other than Jeff Dunetz, yidwithlid. A full blown Breitbart ambushing hack. http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/...
Here he is in his own words

Reacting more with anti-bully instincts than reporting ones, I screamed back at Thrasher, who writes at a liberal blog called Plane Ideas.
How does he explain his following and yelling at Mr Thrasher?
While returning to the Media area... a toned-down Mr. Thrasher was still pontificating-I confronted him again...afterward Javier Manjerres editor of The Shark Tank questioned Thrasher.
Exactly. Except that Mr. Thrasher was headed for the door, albeit slowly, and was not returning to the media area. BTW, the '...' are all his. What is he trying to do with that? Imply that there is more but not tell what it is?

My favorite part though...

When you watch the video pay close attention to the background and notice all the African-American CPAC attendees walking by
I assume he means staff? Or the security?

Here is the link to MinistryofTruth's diary http://www.dailykos.com/...

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