I'm stunned that this one not only hasn't hit the top of the Rec list already, but doesn't even seem to have been posted by anyone yet.

Mitch McConnell Says Hillary Clinton-Led 2016 Field Like ‘A Rerun Of The Golden Girls’

The Republican Party continued its outreach to women and minorities Friday morning by featuring Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell telling a joke that compared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with The Golden Girls. Speaking before a packed Potomac Ballroom at the Conservative Political Action Conference, McConnell said “Don’t tell me the Democrats are the party of the future, when their presidential ticket for 2016 is shaping up to look like a rerun of The Golden Girls.”

Yes, that's right. Mitch McConnell (71) is making "old lady" jokes about Hillary Clinton (65).

(video available at Mediaite)

I don't have too much to add, except to say that for a guy who's already freaking out at the prospect of being challenged by a younger woman in the form of Ashley Judd (44) (or, alternatively, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes (34) for that matter), making sexist jokes about an older woman (who's still 6 years younger than he is, fer chrissake) seems, shall we say, unwise...

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