CPAC banner with dinosaurs and the goposaur
Among the things running on a loop on the main CPAC screens before the event starts, every morning: a (fake) trailer for an agonizingly low-budget tea party movie called Tea Party Patriots being promoted, obviously, by the Tea Party Patriots. The plot is evidently about a "shining city on a hill" which is then turned over to the full leadership of the "Development Party", which is apparently supposed to be some sort of liberal menace. "From each, everything will be taken" says the smug and terrifying party leader, who means it as a good thing. (Well, low-budget terrifying; the effort is so flimsy that even the supposed signage for the new organization consists of nothing more than signage from a 24-hour banner store, and they weren't willing to spring for any colors but black and white.)

But then a small group of plucky "tea party" rebels fights against the nasty fascisocicommunists, and the people of the city rise up and say "oh yeah, I guess fascisocicommunism is bad after all", and the new party can afford signs with actual colors in them, so everything presumably turns out all right. It is a painful effort at building an origin legend around the tea party.

Even though the place is chock full of bona-fide tea partiers (they don't exactly give off the same aura of nobility as the movie's heroes, but what can you do?) the audience, thankfully, almost universally ignores the corny effort. So there's that.

Update: Thanks to plucky commenters, here's the trailer:

They really need to make this an actual movie now, because liberals would buy it in droves. Pleeeese.

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