This is a re-post, as I didn't see too many on St Paddy's Day, that were alert enough to pay attention---so we'll try again!

Come one, come all...from all over lower New England, and anywhere else. (NY Kossacks--I'm talking to you --And MA too)
This is my last chance (here) to meet all you wonderful Kossacks.

Date: Sunday, April 7th

Time: 2Pm to whenever...

Place: Adams Mill in Manchester CT
(Driving directions here

More below the fold....

I'm soon to be off to North Carolina to work to turn them Blue...(good luck with that)...

Meanwhile, have wished to meet more of you over the last year or so; so now is my last opportunity.  

We'll have some relative privacy...and the menu is wide open ---burgers to the finest steak or seafood.  Drinks galore.  We'll have wi-fi....bring your laptop or iPad.
Menu selections are here

Have NEVER had a bad meal here...prices are moderate--starting with decent burgers in the $8.99 range.

Classic Burger
Half pound burger, served on a toasted Brioche roll with lettuce, tomato and American or cheddar cheese. Served with french fries.
Price $8.99
Yet this:
Ranch House Filet Mignons
Twin 3 ounce filet mignons are seasoned and grilled to your liking then drizzled with our house ranch sauce and a sprinkle of scallions. Served with garlic mashed potatoes.
Price $12.99
Have known Tony, the owner, for years----let's show him that Kossacks LOVE meet-ups.....

AND, let's show the West Coast the The EAST is BEST!!!

Sign-up below, or kosmail me for info, etc.
I'll do a follow-up diary the week before,,,but follow new sign-ups every day in Navajo's NEW DAY morning diaries.

Will welcome ideas for any themes; or favors....

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