USGS realtime streamflow map
USGS WaterWatch
If you are near water, USGS has improved a real-time science service that could get you down to the creek just in time for the best fishing or tubing -- or save your life in an emergency. I think this is really neat; as usual I'm proud as ever of the organization for which I've worked for more than 25 years.

USGS WaterNow

When I started at the USGS in 1987, people who needed to know (like the Delaware River Master) would call us on the phone daily for this information - now, thanks to the dedicated and creative efforts of my colleagues, real-time streamflow information is readily available to everyone with access to internet or text.

Two things I need to say:

1. A flow gage near you is likely to be discontinued in the near future due to the sequester and anticipated FY14 budget cuts, putting both the scientific value of long-term data records, and the data's usefulness to save lives and property, at risk.

2. In contrast -- what has your congress-person (who BTW is NOT going without pay this summer) done for you lately, besides discouraging young people to choose a career serving the public? by freezing pay and cutting benefits?

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