You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Wednesday, March 18, 1903
Denver, Colorado-Seems Bill Haywood was right to call out the Cripple Creek miners. Hellraisers has recieved word that MacNeill has agreed to meet with the Western Federation of Miners and the Governor's advisory board before the end of the month. The WFM is insisting that the smeltermen fired for union affiliation must be rehired. There will be no negotiation on that point. Meanwhile, the miners of Cripple Creek stand strong beside their brothers in the mills.


Fannie Sellins, UMWA Organizer
The Life and Times of
Big Bill Haywood

-by Peter Carlson
NY, 1983

Tuesday, March 18, 1913

West Virginia-While Mother Jones remains in the hands of the military in Pratt, there is another woman in the West Virginia strike zone working as an organizer for the United Mine Workers of America. She is 48 year old Fannie Sellins. Her work, described in her own words, consists of the distribution of "clothing and food to starving women and babies, to assist poverty-stricken mothers and bring children into the world, and minister to the sick and close the eyes of the dying."

Fannie Sellins is 48 years old, a widow and mother of three children. She was formerly a dressmaker by trade. She comes from St Louis where, in 1909, she was President of United Garments Workers Local 67. It was during her travels working on behalf of a UGW strike that she developed ties with the UMWA.

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Monday, March 18, 2013
Email from La'kesia Johnson:

Thanks for helping me get my job back! I just got news that I, along with all but one of my illegally locked out co-workers, have our jobs back! We are floored that over 100,000 people emailed Cablevision to demand justice, and stunned that over 100,000 other people learned about this campaign on Facebook.

Although we are now back to work, we need to send Cablevision a clear message that they must negotiate a fair contract right now. We've set up a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/.... It would be great if you could like it so you can help us spread the word about our fight for a fair contract at Cablevision.

Again, thanks so much for helping us get our jobs back!

With gratitude,


Yes We Can make a difference in the lives of our fellow workers!

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