as one can read in this just up Washington Post story.

Her's the first paragraph:  

Public support for gay marriage has hit a new high as Americans increasingly see homosexuality not as a choice but as a way some people are, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll
Some key findings from the poll:

should be legal  58-37 (versus  37-55 in 2003).

Should be left up to state versus decided on basis of US Constitution:  33-64

And this is CRITICAL:  

Q: Do you think being homosexual is something that people choose to be, or do you think it's just the way they are?

The results?  Something people choose  24%
                    Just the way they are        62%

There are demographic breakouts available. See below the fold for some of that

Should be legal

Dems              72-23
Independents  62-33
Republicans     34-59

By age

18-49    73-22
50-64    73-22
65+       32-65

In other words, you have to be my age (66) or older to be in the majority in opposing gay marriage

Have taught adolescents for more han 17 years, on this issue alone Republicans are taking a path that will destroy them in future elections.

And given that the Supreme Court can read the data, do not be surprised to find no just a 5-4 decision in favor of gay marriage, but quite possibly 6-3 (Roberts being very concerned with how his stewardship will be viewed) or even 7-2 (Alito can look at the trends and might find a reason to vote in the majority.  Hell even Scalia said in a previous case if that is how the Court ruled on gay sex there was no logical reason to oppose gay marriage.)


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