Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz speaking at the Values Voters Summit
Usually these things pass the Seante with unanimous consent without so much as even a hint of controversy. It is a simple resolution. It has no binding effect on law. It just raises the awareness a bit of Multiple Sclerosis Week, helping shine a light on the disease, support for the sick, and the search for a cure. I mean you literally have to be a pscyho demon from the scummy shithole of the 9th ring of hell's landfill to oppose such a thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Junior Senator from Crazy, Ted Cruz:

In order to keep business moving and not clog the Senate floor, they are normally passed in bulk through a  “unanimous consent agreement," meaning a vote isn’t tallied since both sides agree to it.

But last week, Cruz objected to including the MS Awareness resolution. He was unhappy with a clause in the resolution describing the purpose of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition, according to a Democratic staffer.

What does the resolution say about the MSC?

Basically its the same thing every year:

Whereas the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition, an affiliation of multiple sclerosis
        organizations dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for
        all those affected by multiple sclerosis, recognizes and supports
        Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week during March of every calendar year;

Whereas the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition's mission is to increase opportunities
        for cooperation and provide greater opportunity to leverage the
        effective use of resources for the benefit of the multiple sclerosis

Seems pretty simple and straightforward to you right? Well it does to House Republicans as well because the resolution passed the House unanimously by voice vote. Like it always does, every single year, the same text declaring MS Awareness Week.

I'm just curious what words ticked off Senator Crazy? "Community" perhaps? Little too close to...gasp...COMMUNISM!!! Perhaps "leverage the effective use of resources" sound to him like "confiscate my money and use it to abort Christians and then put me in a death camp!"

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