Apologies for the brevity but I didn't see a diary on this, and I thought this was important to mention.  Senator Roy Blunt has placed a hold on EPA Administrator Nominee Gina McCarthy, because of a longstanding project of the Corps of Engineers to complete completion of a levee in the bootheel of Missouri.  The project itself has a long sordid history and has been the special project of former Congresswomen Jo Ann Emerson up until she recently retired.  This was then picked up by Senator Blunt as well as Senator McCaskill (should I be surprised?)  The wrinkle here?  EPA is not responsible for the timing of the release of a draft EIS...that is the Corps' responsibility.  So Blunt blames EPA.  A couple of links below to provide context.

There is an excellent write-up of the entire issue with a good review of both sides of the issue found here: Bi-state battle brewing over Bootheel floodway levee plan

You can read Blunt's rather weak statement here Blunt Statement

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